What We Offer for You
We provide high-end pension fund software management and complete range of software development services to help your business accelerate quality growth at all levels.
Pension Fund Management Software
All-in-one software has powered public and private pension funds to enhance service quality, minimize costs, prevent technological obsolescence, and adapt to diverse, continually changing business goals.
Custom Software Development
With scalable technologies and strong professional experience, we empower your concept to deliver customized digital solutions, strengthen your strategic market advantages, and satisfy customer needs.
Smart Modules Solutions
With 30 years' IT-solution experience, we understand what a management software is supposed to be; with our Smart Modules; you can easily extend more useful administration features for your pension fund management system.
Digital Transformation
The digital transformation in our society has enable the integration of new digital technologies into growing business sector, which significantly influences the way you work and also provide customers with additional value.
We Provide Customized IT Services
What We Do

1.Pension Fund Management Software:

Pension fund administration needs a strategy for long-term sustained growth to maximize the return along with controlling risks and keeping track of market fluctuations. We spent over 3 decades developing technology to improve managing a high amount of insurants, capture demand changes, enhance market analysis and optimize performance. We bring comprehensive and flexible solutions for both collective and individual pension funds.

◈  Modern, all-inclusive and flexible pension fund management software

◈  Stability and efficiency through parallel processing and automation

◈  High security of data and information

◈  Innovative and friendly user interface

◈  Frequent updates of local law changes

◈  Capability of generating unlimited fund plans

2. Smart Module Solution

With more than 30 years of experience in IT, we understand that you still have the most demand from management software; due to new legislation and innovation technologies, the pension fund management industry has experienced a shake-up. The requirements, therefore, are growing in complexity and numbers. 

Both of these new realities have brought their challenges to investors. We now know more than ever that you need resources that can provide value for you and your customers – with this ambition in mind, our Smart Module Solutions has been created.

Smart Offer

Smart Self Offer

Smart HR (a subset of Smart Autonomous)

Smart Direct Access

Smart Autonomous

3. Custom Software Development

Standard software is costly in the long-term because it’s never a perfect fit to your needs. We develop tailor-made software upon your most demanding technical requirements. With a wealth of experience in solving problems successfully for hundreds of business requirements, our experts do not provide you the tools but the unique solutions. 

Developing totally new custom products or functions

Create and adapting new functions into legacy systems

Synchronizing different units into a single master system

Establishing application or system integration with third-party products

Product development for Startups & Established Business

Custom Application Development

4. Digital Transformation

Now is not the time to wonder whether we should go digital. It is really not an option but a necessity. Digitalization is indispensable to compete and survive in the market. In a study of BCG, companies with digital culture were 5 times more likely to achieve breakthrough performance than companies that did not embrace it. LESS helps companies carry out the transformation smoothly and efficiently. In the light of lowering costs, reducing cycle times and increasing quality, digital transformation can be implemented in a variety of domains.

Enhancing data processing, storage and analytics with the most advanced technology

Going Agile and Flexible “intuitive software over comprehensive documentation” 

Adopting mobile or web application to improve your connection with customers

Developing smart and personalized offers

First Impressions are Everything

Transform Digital

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