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Founded in 1989, LESS Informatik AG is a leading provider of pension administration softwares. Our headquarter is located in Thalwil, Zurich, Switzerland. We are proud of becoming the trustful partner of clients in a wide range of financial and insurance industries with different business sizes. We are also well-known for project management and custom software development to a high-level standard. As a response to the demand for changes that many businesses encounter in the digital era, digital transformation solutions are now the spotlight of our growth. The ultimate goal is to help our clients to solve their critical problems such as boosting efficiency, lowering operational cost or maximizing benefits by applying technology, software and digitalization. Every solution is unique but creativity, innovation and optimization is our overarching approach. Our precious employees are passionate and intelligent financial experts, developers, data scientists and support staff who commit to deliver the best-in-class solutions.

Get More From Less
Why Us

30+ year experiences in developing high quality softwares

24/7 client support services

40 funds in service

15 clients and software projects

PhD Gerald Ninaus worked as a researcher at the Graz University of Technologies and has therefore a lot of experience with the latest development of recommender technologies and how to apply them in smart user interfaces, has published several research papers in the field of recommendation technologies on high quality research conferences

Get More From Less


“It’s no longer the big beating the small, but the fast beating the slow” (Rubert Murdoch)

Efficiency is the core of every LESS solution. We believe efficiency is one of the heaviest burdens that not only funds management agencies but any business have to carry. By deploying proper tools, you can work LESS to get more.

Recommendation technologies make the interaction with our tools more intuitive and therefore faster, less error prone, experience PhD Gerald Ninaus, doctor thesis about Recommendation technologies, build in latest research results by continuously reading research papers 

Speeding up by applying automation system to handle routine tasks and standardized processes

Making individual task management smooth because the tool is accessible everywhere every time

Attaining high accuracy by reducing human-errors

Enhancing capacity with the power of processing huge volume data rapidly

Generating higher values when relieving staff from mundane jobs and save time for creativity and innovation


 “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” (Charles Darwin)

LESS understand that requirements of changes always exist, so we equip our capabilities that they might need by anticipating business requirements as they scale up. Besides, we do not finish improving our services after our products installments are done. We and clients altogether adapt changes.

Continuously innovating and updating to the newest features to adapt market & technology changes, preventing of technical obsolescence,

Flexible integration with different external systems with multiple interfaces.

Securing data with data integrity, availability and privacy, along with the all-important encryption.


“Digital transformation is like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly” (George Westerman)

When businesses embrace digitalization, they will be surprised by how beautifully their engine can run. LESS has developed a variety of digital solutions responding to primary needs of our customers, bringing digitalization into different domains of benefit management and business operations.

Smart Offer revolutionize the way of making an offer 

Smart Human Resource digitalize manpower management completely

Smart Pension Fund manage pensions fund task systematically

Smart Direct Access: oversee and simulate all self-related information and address mutations

Smart Self Offer: create your own offer to see how you can benefit by changing your pension fund 

Our values drive successes for us and customers
Our Value
1. Passionate & Intelligence

The pursuit of excellence is dedicated work. We believe that a high quality product is not only created by acumen minds but passionate hearts. So, we embrace both expertise and energy of all our talents to bring best-in-class solutions to our clients.

2. Trustworthy & Integrity

Operating for more than 30 years, we have built trust since Day-1. We don’t stop at delivering services completely but accompany customer success by putting clients’ objectives into the highest priority and committing to their satisfaction. 

On top of that, we conduct our business with transparency and honesty in all circumstances. As we have seen, behaving integrity is always aligned with the long-term success of our business and our customers. We are your trustful partner and take care of digital transformation, so you can focus on your business.


3. Creativity & Innovation

The more complicated problems are, the more important and powerful out-of-box approaches are. Not only establish the open environment for creativity stimulation, we adopt creativity as a lifestyle in every aspect of our business. The smart solutions of LESS are not simply the product of some random brilliant ideas but the build-up of continuous innovation.

4. Profitability & Beyond

Get More From Less

“Profit = Revenue – Cost” is a simple equation but challenging to manage. We directly take care of the latter by boosting business efficiency with technological advances which are also catalysts to discover new business values.

Furthermore, we share our inspiration with our members and clients to unblock the immense potential in the Digital Age. You can indeed Get More From LESS.

Our Vision

Be the passionate and intelligent leader of software development to empower Swiss businesses to thrive in the new digital era!

Our Mission

◈  To be champion of benefit management solutions that solve unique business problems and adapt to complex, frequently changing environments.

◈  To be trusted advisors and long-life partners: We are responsible and reliable to our customers.

◈  To maximize benefits of all stakeholders: We aim to achieve sustainable profits and reach the efficiency peak by providing employees and customers with the best productivity tools, solutions, and services.

◈  To inspire our staff & customers for nonstop growth and adaptability. We altogether promote an environment enabling Swiss businesses to adopt the latest global technology advances and prosper robustly.

◈  To be a pioneer in innovation: We work innovative and we breathe innovation. We bring innovation into not only our products but every step of business operations.

Meet Our Leadership

We gather high-qualified IT-specialists, financial experts, data scientists with a distinctive focus on good software development to bring the best experience for our client

Mr. Hans Leuzinger


Dr. Gerald Ninaus

We create History
Our History


Less Informatik AG was established as a sole proprietorship with its headquarters and domicile in Thalwil


We changed our entity into a public limited company. Our core business is consulting, project management and software development for pension funds.


Expand to the new office in Thalwil


First productive VE2000 installation at PWC


1st generation of internet module access for insurants Integration of FIBU in VE2000


2nd generation of internet module access for insurants and human resource


Noventus Direct - smart direct offer feature


3rd generation of internet module access for insurants


Go live 1e module with internet access for insurants


Expand new digital transformation service


We start to set the ground for the new smart management platform and go live smart offer module base on the new smart management platform.
We are so grateful to be trusted by across a range of industries in Switzerland

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